Web hosting is pretty simple.

  • 1st step, do you have a domain name picked out?
    • You need to register the name with a registrar. There is usually a yearly fee for domain registration.
    • The fee can be anywhere from Free to $20 to $30 per year.
    • You should do a little research, don't just shop for price. You need to be able to alter the records if needed. If the company has poor customer service, you can have a hard time transfering your registration if you need to.
  • 2nd step, where on the internet does your domain reside?
    • Unless you have a bunch of traffic, a shared host should suit your needs.
    • Look for a site that has PHP,MySQL and Perl. Some of the CMSes and Blogs use PHP and MySQL, if you plan on running one, find a provider that has those.
    • It helps if the hosting provider can do domain registration also.
    • FTP access and Shell access are added features that can come in handy.
    • Mail addresses that are manageable by you are a good feature. It sucks when you have to contact your provider to add an email address.

I use dreamhost for a hosting provider. They have pretty much everything I've outlined above. They have a web panel for administrating your domain. Adding email accounts is as simple as clicking on a button and filling in an address. If you want, you can have mail for the accounts, or you can have the email forwarded to an account you specify.

Each of their plans includes 1 domain registration. Just click on the image to the left to view their plans.
Any questions? Feel free to email me: dreamhost AT pcfubar.net

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