Text of an email I recieved

I recently found this old computer and am trying to get it to bootup a
newer version of dos 6.22.
The problems I'm having are, (it's a bravo/386sx), after backing up
all the files, I used the unformated!? So I had to reformat the hard
drive. which is good cause how I am starting all over.
But I have put the all files and backup back in trying to get the old
commands to work to I can get something back together.
but I now need to get it all off and reformat the harddrive again.
But I am hiesitant because I have a problem with configuring the harddrive 
in the setup there are 47 different drives that I can us  or try while
mixing and matching I got a message that my drive arm was sticking.
Now if I format the drive in the wrong mode I one will have that problem
with my driver and Also I will lose the use of the full drive if I don't setup the drive
Or is their a program that will automaticlly setup the configuration on the
which brings my to the next question or problem the ERR in reading the
floppy could be not enough storeage space?
The sys files I backed up from the d drive but also the c: drive
Before I formated the files were trunkcated and parsed so any backup files
I use are corrupted.
I am thinking that the confg.com, autoexe.com are maybe the problem I seem
to have two or three in the system with buffers from 10 to 250
managing from, 20 to 50 or 250?? in files, a nls command, stacks are 9,256
but I have had 0,0 or 18,512 what should I do?
I know the answer is reformat and boot up, but the problems i see are
1. is the harddrive set up correctly?
It seem to have 1024 or1023 size sectors and like 17 clusters and
precommosed memory? 0 to 300?(reserve)  setting number 19?
when I checked the on-line help for WWW.AST.com I got the specs should be
set on 20, 25, or 33 for a 80386 like mine.
which has left a ton of the disk open when I ran the scandisk command with
2. somehow I have rem some of the important instructions to get it to run
or boot.(or not bootup)
so I would like to get a copy of the 5.0 dos so I can get the sys
up and running, that would solve my problem for now.
3. Or try running the 6.22 but take the commands out that have to do with
windows as my computer may not know what to do with it.
4. Or get a different copy of the DOS ver 6.22 cause its third party
Any advice would be appreaceited

And don't tell me to run out and buy one of those computers at the Future
but I think I'll go take a peek today.
I have alot of bbs stuff I don't know what it all is it looks like half-
game/halfprograms or something Like dude told me that it sounds like my
(sysops) SO isn't working... and that would be what I did a opps
and deleted or removed some hidden files.
I don't even know how to find those puppies.
well have a great day and hope to hear back soon as this puppy is getting
really weak fast help, help