Recon photos from 10th TRW

The 10th TRW (Tactical Reconnaissance Wing) was assigned to RAF Alconbury in 1959. Prior to that, the 10th TRW was in Germany and France. These photos were taken in the 50s some time. If anybody is able to identify the dates better, please contact me. email recon AT
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I've included a link to the locations that I know.
harbor area of Marseille France Marseille France.
This is the harbor area of Marseille, Here's view of the area.
Kronborg castle,Helsingor Denmark Kronborg castle, Helsingor Denmark
If google could get better views, I think this view would be the same as the picture.
ariel photo Marseille France
Another Marseille area photo. shows this area pretty well.
Brenner Pass,Austria
Not sure exactly *where* this is, but Brenner Pass is the lowest pass between Austria and Italy.
svartisen glacier,norway Svartisen Glacier, Norway
Aqueduct near Chateau de Maintenon,France Aqueduct near Chateau de Maintenon, France
This photo is mislabeled.
In reality, this Aqueduct was started about 1680. It was built to carry water to the Palace of Versailles. view of this picture
Schonburg castle,Oberwesel Germany Schönburg Castle, Oberwesel Germany
Eagle's nest, near Obersalberg Germany Eagle's Nest, near Obersalzberg Germany
I'm not sure, but I think this this is the same location.
Remagen bridge site, Remagen Germany Remagen bridge site,Remagen Germany
If you look at the bottom of the photo, you can see the bridge support in the river. The support almost looks like boats in the water. If you look in, those supports aren't visible.
This view is rotated 90. If you look close, you can see the base of the bridge on the side of the river. If you pan the map to the left, you can see a few structures that are visible in photo.
Marienberg Fortress,Wurzburg Germany Marienberg Fortress, Würzburg Germany
Looking at this one on the view is rotated 90 degrees also.
reichburg castle,Cochem Germany Reichburg Castle, Cochem Germany
Cochem Germany
Arc de Triomphe,Paris France Arc De Triomphe, Paris France
The Louvre museum is out of the picture on the right.
Arc De Triomphe